Sun-Link Solar Trackers are made from high quality steel, and coated with a two part epoxy for durability. All trackers are rated for winds up to 144Kph (100 sq. ft. of solar modules). A powerful actuator allows full function even in windy areas. We used large sensor modules to eliminate problems due to leaves and debris on the sensors. We have created a simple manual seasonal adjustment that can be made from ground level. The tilt angle adjusts from 0 to 80 degrees.picture

With our innovative, weatherproof control circuit, the tracker does not draw from the system until the circuit determines there is an advantage in moving the PV array. 30 seconds of full sunlight recovers the power used by the tracker for an entire day.

We have designed the Sun-Link Solar Tracker to work with any battery charging system from 12 to 48 volt. An optional AC power supply allows the system to work without batteries for grid tie systems.

Contact plugs for the sensors are coast guard approved

Mounting for combiner box on the post

Aluminum module mounting bars are made to fit your specific brand and size of PV module

Sun-Link controls can be used as a retrofit for existing solar trackers

The Sun-Link control and sensors carry a 5 year warranty, actuator 2 year warranty.

The unit is truck shipped on a skid, 650 lbs. 30 in. by 132 to 144 in. by 18 in. high. All on one pallet. The heaviest piece is the post which is 10 ft. long and 180 lbs.

Each Sun-Link Solar Tracker comes with an installation manual and DVD.

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