The Sun-Link Solar Tracker was developed in 1995 by owner Laurence McKay and is manufactured in Ontario, Canada. The energy consumed in manufacturing is produced by our on site wind and solar electric system. This product is distributed all across Canada through a network of renewable energy dealers.

pictureThe small PV sensor modules mounted on the east and west sides of the array give extremely accurate information to our innovative control circuit.

The powerful actuator drives the array to the correct position quickly and accurately. A 1000 watt array mounted on the Sun-Link will recover all the energy used by the tracker in a full day in just 30 seconds of full sun.

The Sun-Link tracker delivers amazing performance. Typically the tracker's first movement is 20 minutes after sunrise on flat terrain. The innovative circuit is designed to move in steps, following the sun across the sky, making it more efficient than continuous movement. Solar trackers typically produce 30 to 50% more amp hours.

On bright cloudy days the PV array will take advantage of dispersed light by facing south. On dark rainy days the tracker will not move when there is no increased advantage in power output.

The Sun-Link Tracker was designed for residential and vacation properties supporting up to 100 square feet of solar modules, or for modules up to 34 inches wide the unit can accommodate two rows of 4 modules for a total of 8. For modules that exceed 34 inches wide the tracker will accommodate two rows of 3 modules for a total of six.

It is the most complete unit on the market!

The Sun-link solar tracker frame attaches to the top of a 10 ft. tall 6x6 in. square steel post. (supplied) The post has a flanged base just like commercial signs and is bolted to a concrete footing. The post can also be attached to solid rock by drilling and using chemical anchors to attach the bolts. The rocker frame pivots on top of the post allowing for the tilt of the axis from 80 degrees ( almost vertical) to 0 degrees straight up. The main frame rotates on the rocker frame a full 120 degrees, 60 degrees west and 60 degrees east. Aluminum module bars mount on a special u-shaped rail, this allows the module bars to be attached any distance apart to line up with the modules mounting holes. The module bars are predrilled to match the width of the module. Stainless hardware is supplied to attach your modules.

The control and drive package is available as a kit for customers who decide to build their own solar tracking structure.

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